Automatic enrolment in NSW

I’m in Crikey today, chastising Bernard Keane for Friday’s rant against NSW’s move to automatic enrolment. Along the way I rather unfairly caricature him as being like the man at right.

This SMH piece  by Ben Eltham & Miriam Lyons, on the other hand, is thoughtful, fair and wise. In other words, I agree with it (at least on automatic enrolment) although I can’t accept the credit they give me for “the idea”.

Update: A discussion on the topic at Pollbludger.

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  1. Rationalist says:

    Will you get your mits on early Newspoll?

  2. Rationalist says:

    Also, yes, you are entirely right with respect to automatic enrolment. It will streamline things, improve efficiency and overall hopefully be implemented nationally.

  3. Khom Plecs Bhoundaries says:

    Why do you have a photo of the unabomber for this post?

  4. Steve1 says:

    There is an elitist subculture within political tragics who some how believe their vote is more important because they are more interested in politics than the average person. This is why groups like the Greens appear to believe the 10% who vote for them have more value than the 90% who don’t. The underlying principle of democracy is one vote one value, so the tragics manufacture arguments for discouraging people from voting, “they’re all crooks”, “no matter who you vote for – a politician always wins” etc etc. It is the totally disinterested person who is the saviour of democracy. They ameliorate extreme tendercies of the committed. We all pay for our democracy through our taxes, and democracy is more than a right, it is a resposibility and an obligation. I believe it is not that much of a burden for living in a free society for every citizen, once every three or four years to walk to the local school building and have your name ruled of a list. Voting in australia is compulsory and is a good thing. For those who don’t like it – get over it.

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