Newspoll says 57 to 43

In Oz tomorrow. From primary votes of 46, 38 and 9.

And questions on a carbon reduction scheme, with for or against getting almost identical numbers to September 2008, 58 percent in favour and 38 percent against. A couple of more questions on ETS, including how much people expect prices to rise under the government’s scheme (45 percent: ‘dunno’).

Update: Here’s Dennis.¬†Quality of Oz’s graphic is poor; here’s a better one¬†in PDF. Note the fine print for main ETS question; it has changed slightly since September. But unlike a commenter here, I reckon both look reasonable; the new one has just turned it into the federal government’s proposal rather than ‘the’ scheme. (Also ‘push-polling’ is something different.)

6 Responses to “Newspoll says 57 to 43”

  1. Ben Raue says:

    What was the numbers on that ETS poll last time?

  2. That looks to me like a bit of a push poll question. It translates as “Are you sure you want an ETS? It will cost you more!”

  3. Rationalist says:

    Well it is push pollish but it is true what they say, an ETS will make energy sources more expensive and will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    It would be nice to see a comprehensive CPRS/climate change poll. It would include 3 or 4 points for (environment, world agreement, etc) and against (jobs, energy cost, economy, no world impact) the government actions so people actually do understand the implications of the CPRS and what it actually does.

  4. Tim Macknay says:

    Rationalist, what’s your source for the claim that an ETS will cost ‘hundreds of thousands of jobs’? I’ve read several economic analyses of ETS proposals and none of them report anything like that. I think you’re just spreading ideological spin.

  5. William Bowe says:

    I agree that both questions are reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is comparing responses to the two, as Dennis Shanahan does, and arguing they point to “a big shift in opinion on the ETS since last year”, for which no real evidence exists.

  6. Peter Brent says:

    William, I believe Dennis was referring to the third, timing question: whether we should do it irrespective of what others do.

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