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Bolt from the blue

THIS afternoon a strange thing happened on my Twitter stream. I started receiving angry tweets about something I’d written at 1:13pm yesterday (Saturday).
In addition someone found my email address and sent a note that I’m a “low life scumbag … you and your fellow left wing/Green ratbags have absolutely no shame … You should be [...]

A post …

just because ….

Election 2013 census table gallery

Apart from archives there’s nothing new to see at this site since I started blogging at the Oz.
Except for the federal election census and seat table gallery. Check it out here.

Mumble has moved to the Oz


Mumble moves to the Oz

Dear Mumble-readers, Mumble moves today to the Australian. It will be a mainly online gig, doing the kind of stuff I’ve done here but more frantically and often.
I love youse all, thanks for indulging me at this place and I invite you to continue at the new one. If only to judge if/how the piper-payer [...]

Do not adjust your set

To the victor goes the fantasies

- That’s not a poll driven prime minister – this is a poll driven prime minister
We all thought Kevin Rudd was content-free and gutless; Julia Gillard has indicated she’s likely to gutless out on the mining tax. She was party to every previous bit of Rudd government gutlessing out. What’s left?
- The best, perhaps only, government policy explainer, [...]

What Kevin needs: a Ruddy good poll

It is a fact a modern life that judgements about how a party is “travelling” rest almost solely on the latest published opinion polls. Commentators bring in all sorts of “reasons”, but poll numbers are the main motivation. And it’s the ones published in newspapers that really count: Newspoll, ACNielsen and Galaxy. The latest Morgan face-to-face and Essential have Labor ahead, [...]

Kerry, Kevin, Tony, Laurie and the interview cycle

After last week’s Kerry-Kevin mini-clash, Tony Abbott should have expected a bit of a going over on 7:30 Report last night. He got it, and he wasn’t prepared. Ow.
Meanwhile, in yesterday’s Oz, Glenn Milne launched into Laurie Oakes for presumably being loaded with questions by Labor in his previous day’s interview with Abbott. (Shock horror!) By [...]

Wayne’s world: a Swannie gallery

Everybody is carrying on about Julia Gillard these days, and how much better than Kevin Rudd she is. Julia Julia Julia. You know, she is so good that if she were leading the government they’d be ahead in the opinion polls 58 to 42 again mate!
Truth be told, Julia is as bad at explaining things [...]